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 its history, and, if you care to, you can
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Kirby's Pigtails  6/27/09
Her's  8/31/09
Glorious Pubes  9/29/09
The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls  12/21/09
You Deserve A Hug, You Do (original)  1/24/10
R.E.C.  1/27/10
Crush 3/12/10
Carry On  4/7/10
April 6th  6/1/10
You Deserve A Hug, You Do (revisit)  6/8/10
Happy Anniversary
And Thus Arose Such An Uproar  8/10/10
I Hate This  8/10/10
Tuesday the Thirteenth 8/13/10
Archives 9/7/10
Thursday 6-8 10/29/10