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And Thus Arose Such
                  An Uproar8/10/10       
                                                                              I came up with this tune while at cooper's house with a few buddies. I wanted to blow their minds, so I lit the room with 
                                                                              a strobe light, and tried to fill it with pure sound. To my satisfaction, it was quite successful. Everything somehow just
                                                                              came together brilliantly for this. I accidentally stumbled upon the picking, but after about 20 minutes, it all became 
                                                                              really unimportant and secondary to the actual point of it all: create an experience. Therefore, though it sounds really
                                                                              interesting with the stereo of headphones, I believe this sound need to fill a room for it to truly reveal itself to you. It's 
                                                                              more than a song, it's an experience, and it must engulf you. Warning: it's 12 minutes and 30 seconds long.