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Remote Control Buttons Piece AAAAA.    AAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA
     8 Printed Word Documents
     8.5" X 11" ea. 
After accumulating 16 remote controls of various purposes, i took
them apart and started removing each button, separating them in
little baggies by function (ex. all the power buttons in one bag, all
the volume up buttons in another and so on). I set up these bags in
a grid and only allowed 8 people to see it set up. I will never set
them up as such ever again, and since I did not document the piece in
any other way, these 8 volunteers and their perceptions are the only
 form of proof or recording of the Remote Control Buttons Piece.
(click to enlarge)

     Senior Show Attendance AAAaaaaaaa aaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
At my senior art show with Charlee Nicole Brown and Alissa Kesselman, I
layed out forms on a table near the exit with spaces for name, age, sex,
relationship with artist, etc, etc. Every person who visited the gallery left
complete documentation of their presence there. Now that I have the info,
the possibilities are endless.

Blade of Grass Tied Around Stick Installation  A AAAAAAAAAAAAA
One day, when I was walking out by the bayou near my house, I had a
sudden urge to do something; to have an impact. And though it may
be small- I did. I shoved a stick into the ground and tied a small blade
of grass around it. Since this was such a secret little act (because there
was nobody around), I thought it was very interesting how it could go
through its entire existence without anyone knowing about it, and
thusly, no thoughts about it. So I thought it'd be a neat idea to play
with documentation again. I am letting people know where it is if
they are interested in it, but if they aren't (which applies to most)
then that piece will never have an opinion formed for or against it.

     5 Small Rocks on 5 Small Screws Installationaaa AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Much like the earlier piece- actually, exactly like it. Except that this
was an installation of 5 small screws I found around school (hopefully
they are not important to the infrastructure or anything) rammed into
the ground, and 5 small pebbles/rocks placed onto of them.

     Self-Portrait As A Squirrel                            A A                  AA.AAAAAAAAA
     2009-2010AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAA                 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA   
While filming for the recruitment video, Cooper caught some footage of a
squirrel finding a nut, digging a hole, burying it, and scampering off. I found
it delightful, and asked him to film me imitating the squirrel's exact moves
in the same location. I took the video, burned it on a DVD, and had it in my
senior show. As soon as the show opened, the video played once, then went
to black. I thought it was a step up from The Artist Destroying His Sound Piece
because the video actually plays- it has proven its existence. It has a place in
time and space, but the experience it gives the audience it still up to them.

                                                          Trust Performance #1 & 2
Okay, this needs some explaining. There are lots of things I think or feel that have no physical evidence or documentation. There is no solid proof
of their existence besides my thinking it. In these performances, I reaveled to someone a secret thought or feeling of mine, therefore making all 
evidence and proof of this feeling/thought rely totally on the other person and whether or not they believe or trust me. These pieces, unlike most of
my work, does not depend or make use of the direct viewer. It is just me showing them something I did and found interesting.

                                                                                                                            Detail Shot #1- SD Card
                                                                                                                            Digital Print
While I was applying to all these art competitions, such
as YoungArts and Scholastics, they would have rules
regarding "detail shots," which are images that zoom in
to other images to show an aspect of a piece that needs
more than one photo to show. I thought it was rather silly
that they only allow 1 or 2 of these, when at times, folks
need 1 or 2 per piece. So, I gave them my one allotted
detail shot. It is the picture of the SD Card piece, 131
Pictures Taken While Thinking Small, zoomed into the
4 pixels in the dead center of the image.

                                                                                                                           Detail Shot #2- Lady 2
                                                                                                                           Digital Print
Exactly the same idea as the above. The original image
was a life drawing in my journal.

more to come, soon enough!
it's quite a pain, this uploading stuff!
(i'm also a poet)